Volunteer Opportunities in Germany

Doggie Day Care:  If you would like to help out with our foster care, but just don’t have the time or resources to fully commit to a foster puppy… please consider supporting a foster care provider with Doggie Day Care. Any amount of help would be appreciated, from walking the pup while the provider is at work, or keeping the pup in your home during work hours. This volunteer job really is very beneficial to the pup and provides much-needed support to our volunteers providing foster care. Contact: info@puppyrescueinspain.org

Donation Collection: Puppy Rescue in Spain accepts monetary donations online, but we also like to collect and send supplies as well. Dog food, toys, treats, bedding, crates, etc. Anything dog related is appreciated. We are looking for volunteers to collect donations in the area and deliver them to our monthly pickup location in Germany. From there they will be handed off to another volunteer who will then drive back to Spain for delivery.  Contact: info@puppyrescueinspain.org

Emergency Foster Care: We do our best to match our puppies with responsible owners, but unfortunately, we do still run into cases of neglect and abuse. In these circumstances it necessary to remove the puppy or dog from their living conditions. Please note that all cases that require ‘Emergency Foster Care’ are reported to command. If you would be willing to temporarily open your home to a puppy or dog, please let us know. Contact: info@puppyrescueinspain.org

Event Coordinator (Ramstein): We need someone to organize and run our adoption/volunteer events outside the BX. Events run from one Sunday a month from April to October. We will mail you event materials and help support you coordinate/promote your event.  For information on what these events look like, please see our events video here.  Contact: info@puppyrescueinspain.org

Event Coordinator (Hohenfels/Ansbach): We would like to expand our Grafenwoehr events to Hohenfels and/or Ansbach. Ideally, our new coordinator would job shadow our monthly event in Grafenwoehr, and put on a similar events in Hohenfels and/or Ansbach. Events run from one Sunday a month from April to October. We will supply you with event materials and help support you coordinate/promote your event.  For information on what these events look like, please see our events video here.  Contact: info@puppyrescueinspain.org

Foster Care: Puppy Rescue in Spain occasionally is able to place puppies into foster care in Germany. These puppies are highly adoptable, and available only because their adoptions fell through close to their travel date. For more information, please see our fostering page here.

Home Checker: We need experienced pet owners to volunteer to do home checks for potential puppy adopters. Before an adoption is approved, we need to document an applicant’s home environment and conduct an interview. If you have never done home checks for a rescue organization before, you will receive training and participate in job shadowing prior to any solo home checks. If you would like to volunteer in this area, please send a request to PRS Home Checkers Germany. Please make sure that you also send a message to the admin of the group when you click “request to join”.

Home Check Management: We really need people to oversee the home check process for specific areas. We would love to have someone manage each of the following areas: Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern/Wiesbaden and  Ansbach/Hohenfels. Contact: ashleyrose696@gmail.com

Training Consultant: If you are a successful dog owner, but not looking to get another pup, we would love to have you support our more inexperienced pup parents. Training and housebreaking can be hard work, and unfortunately people have been known to surrender their new puppy during these formative months. If you can offer support, please reach out to us and we will put you in contact with a new puppy parent. Contact: ashleyrose696@gmail.com

Videographer: If you are in Germany, and have the ability to use pictures and video clips to create a 2-3 minute promotional video, we would love your help! Our foster pups in Germany often times rely on long distance adoption, and social media outlets really help them get noticed. Please see our youtube channel for examples of past videos made for our foster pups in Germany. Contact:  info@puppyrescueinspain.org

Sharing your images: If you have pictures of you and your PRS pup, and you don’t mind us using the image, please send it our way. We love to show people what we are all about!  If you are on Facebook, just post it directly to our wall. Or if you are on Instagram, just include #puppyrescueinspain or #puppyrescuespain to your posts, and we will repost them in our feed. We love seeing how happy our pups are in their forever homes!

Getting the word out: If you have adopted from Puppy Rescue in Spain, please share your story! We want to encourage others out there to adopt, and your story would help promote the cause! We would love to feature your adoption story on the Puppy Rescue Spain website. More information, as well as a few examples, can be found here: Adoption Stories.