Training – Grafenwöhr and Vilseck

Disclaimer: The following businesses for the area have been listed below. We understand that many pet owners are new to this area, so we thought it would be helpful to publish this information in a common forum. This information does not constitute either an endorsement or a recommendation. Please contact us if you need us to add or delete a business from this page.

Karoline Bunk Hundschule (also offers boarding)
Langenbruck 2, Vilseck 92249

Wilsons  (also offers boarding)
Kirchenstrasse 17, Leuchtenberg
You pay about €60 for 6 months worth of training. Every Saturday at 10am

Tierheimstraße, 92289 Ursensollen

There is also a pet training group on facebook. They are based in Kaiserslautern, but they are able to offer advice even if you are not local.
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