Rehoming in Germany

A puppy is significantly more work during the first year or two, and oftentimes people get overwhelmed. We encourage you to reach out, and find solutions to the problems. Exercising and socializing a dog is key. Please arrange for play-dates, and walk your pup frequently. Housebreaking is challenging, but there are lots of online resources that can help you. If your work schedule is not allowing for enough time for your pup, consider hiring a dog walker to visit your pup to break up those long hours of solitude. If you pup is having behavioral problems, please hire a trainer.

If in the end that you feel that you are not able to care for your puppy, please contact PRS and ask for help. If you do decide that you must rehome your Puppy Rescue in Spain dog, we have listed the procedures  below.

To rehome your PRS pup/dog, please email or FB message us with the following information.
Dog’s name (and original name if changed).
Current age of the pup/dog:
Date pup adopted:
Is your dog spayed/neutered?
If not, will you agree to pay this cost for the adopter?
Please note: Pups that are spayed/neutered are rehomed much faster than dogs who are not.
How is your pup with children, other dogs, cats?
Is your dog current on their vaccinations?
Do you have possession of your pup’s passport? If not, who has it?
Your dog’s microchip number (found in the pet passport):
Has your dog’s microchip been registered with Tasso?
Have you registered your dog with the vet on any military base? If so, which base?
You will also need to send us up to date photos of your pup and a short description of the pup’s personality and behavior.

Spaying and Neutering: Rehoming an older unneutered/unspayed pup is extremely difficult. We would like to provide you with assistance in rehoming, but if there is no follow through with your contractual obligation to spay or neuter; it is highly unlikely that we will be able to help you find a new home for your pup quickly. If you are unable to live with your pup during the re-homing process, you will have to pay for your pup to be boarded/ kenneled while we help you re-home. From a financial standpoint, it is better to spay/neuter a pup (between 6-12 months of age) sooner than later, rather than pay the cost of a daily boarding facility. Additionally, spay/ neutering offers a variety of health and behavior benefits and may help situations you may be facing; such as running away, marking, territory issues, etc.

Rehoming costs: The cost of vaccinating, fostering, and transporting a PRS puppy to Germany is greatly subsidized by volunteers and donors, who have worked tirelessly to unite these abandoned puppies with loving families and forever homes.  If you adopted a PRS puppy, you have signed an adoption contract that states that you are not permitted to “resell” your puppy, or charge any “re-homing” fee. When a PRS puppy is rehomed, a €50 donation is required from the new adopter, and the adoption procedure you went through, will need to be repeated by the new adopter.

Finding a new home: Puppy Rescue will provide you with assistance in your search for a new home for your pup, but you will need to care for you pup during this time. Generally this process takes about a month. PRS only provides emergency foster care to a PRS dog whose owners have been reported to the police for negligence or abuse, or in extreme cases where the Base Commander requests it. Please note: Pups that are spayed or neutered, tend to get adopted faster.

Promoting your pup online: As part of the rehoming process, PRS will provide a webpage for your pup. We will need to know the age of the pup, gender, spay/neuter status, location, and weight. You can also mention if the pup is good with children, other dogs, cats, and how long their current vaccinations are good for. Please send us up to date photos of your pup and a short description of the pup’s personality and behavior. Webpages are published approximately 3 days after requested. We will post the link on the PRS website as well as our Facebook page, and we encourage you to share the webpage as well. Some examples of these pages can be found here and here.

Home Check: Any interested adopters will need to complete a pre-application and request and complete a home check. More information regarding the adoption process can be found here. Please do not have people that have not been approved for adoption visit your pup. They tend to become very upset if they are turned down for adoption after visiting a pup.

Visit:  Once we have found potential adopters that have completed the homecheck and have been approved, we will contact you to arrange a meeting. Please do not give your pup to the potential adopter during this meeting. The adoption is not finalized at this point, it is just a meeting.

Finalization:  If all parties are happy for the pup to go to this new home, we will then send out a new adoption contract to be signed and returned by new adopter. If the puppy has not been spayed or neutered already, the new owners must agree to do so. You will need to obtain and sign a change of ownership form from your vet. Once Puppy Rescue in Spain has all the paperwork returned, and you have signed transfer doc, then the pup can be handed over along with his/her passport and change of ownership form. We do encourage you to donate to the new adopter, any toys, beds, crates, and other belongings that were used to care for your pup. It is especially important to provide them with any food that your pup is currently eating so that digestive upset is minimized during the transition.

Microchip Re-registration: The microchip will need to re-registered with the new adopters. The re-registration site is in German, so using google translate might be necessary. If there are complications, please contact your veterinarian. The link for re-registration is here.

Adoption Contract: You are required to make sure that above procedure is followed before handing over your puppy. The adoption contract includes the following statement; “I agree that my rescued Puppy/Dog is NOT to be passed on without approval from Puppy Rescue in Spain, or sold to another person for financial gain.” Our main objective in the rehoming of a pet is to make sure it is placed in a suitable home. Puppy Rescue in Spain is non-profit charity, and is dedicated to providing safe and caring homes for the puppies.

Pet Abandonment: Pet abandonment is illegal in Germany and can be punishable by a fine up to 25,000 euros, regardless if the soldier has PCS/ETS back to the states. Under the Status of Forces Agreement, Germany has the right to persecute a soldier for pet abandonment. Essentially this means that any pet abandonment is a legal matter, and would be reported to the commanding officer of the sponsor, and abandoning the puppy is not an option.

Temporary Care: If an owner is in need of an immediate rehoming, they are welcome to find somebody to temporarily care for their dog. We are more than happy to help work with the temporary caregiver to find an adopter. We do ask that the owner make it clear to their care giver that they must maintain contact with PRS so that we may set up meetings between any potential adopters and the dog. If the owner is not able to find a qualified adopter, nor temporary care, then they may apply for emergency foster care.

Emergency Foster Care: Please note that ‘Puppy Rescue in Spain’ only provides emergency foster care to dogs whose owners have been reported for negligence, abuse, and/or abandonment. In order to qualify for emergency foster care, we must have documentation from the police or the adopter’s commanding officer.