Pre-Adoption Application

This questionnaire is an attempt to learn more about you, your family and lifestyle to ensure the best fit. We thank you for understanding this! Any puppy or dog placed through us will require a signed, legally binding document, that lays out some of the basic responsibilities of pet ownership. In addition to agreeing to take your pet with you when you PCS/ETS, you will also need to agree to spay or neuter your puppy/dog within 2 months of the adoption date.

To complete the pre-adoption form, please cut and paste the information below into a message and fill in your responses. You may send us your message through our Facebook page here, or you can email us your message to .

Full name:


Partner’s name:

Partner’s age:

Duty location (for U.S. military):

Physical home address:

Post code:

Contact number:

Email address for both:

Facebook contacts for both:

Type of accommodation- house/apartment:

Do you live in military housing?

If you live on post, and have other pets, are you in compliance with the two pet maximum pet rule for government quarters, and the Garrison Pet Policy?

Are any children under one years old, or are you expecting additions to your family within the next 9 months? Please note: If you are pregnant or have an infant, we suggest and encourage that you apply when your youngest child is at least a year old.

Do you or your partner have any vacations planed or know of any deployment or field ops in the next 4 months?

Pet experience: Have you had pets in the past? If so, do you still have them? If no, why do you no longer have them (moved, deceased, ect)?

Do you have a secure fenced in yard? Please note that you must have a secure yard for a pup that will be over 15 kilos as an adult.

Name or type of pup you are interested in:

What are you looking for in a pup:

Puppies can be hard work. They need training and attention. They also go through teething between 4 and 8 months old. During this time they need plenty of toys and chews and may also need to be confined or crated while unsupervised to avoid damage to your possessions. Some pups may take up to a year to fully housebreak. Most pups take several weeks to adjust to you, your family members and your other pets. Are you willing and able to go through this period?