Fostering in Germany

Puppy Rescue in Spain occasionally is able to place puppies into foster care in Germany. These puppies are highly adoptable, and available only because their adoptions fell through close to their travel date. We have found that having an adoptable puppy available locally increases the chance for adoption, and gives people a chance to rescue a dog as opposed to purchasing a dog from a local breeder.

The length of time for fostering is not set. A puppy could be adopted immediately, or you may have your foster puppy for several months. PRS supports foster care providers by showcasing our foster pups on our website, as well as our facebook page and Instagram account. Using pictures and video clips our foster families send us, we also create each foster pup a webpage accessible through our website. Examples can be seen here and here. If you are able to send us high resolution pictures and 5-10 short video clips, our volunteers will also make your foster pup a promotional video like the one seen here.

Our foster care providers focus on providing a safe and loving home for the puppy, as well as training the pup in basic obedience and housebreaking. Socialization is also highly important. As a foster care provider, you will need to introduce your puppy to all sorts of experiences and people. Exposure to children, new adults, other dogs, and different settings is a very important aspect of fostering.

PRS provides advertising for the pup, and helps you schedule meetings with potential adopters. If you are fostering a puppy during one of the warmer months, we may be able to host an adoption event on base that showcases your pup. To watch a short video we send in when seeking approval for on base adoption events, click here. The actual adoption process will be handled by PRS volunteers, including the home visit and adoption contract.

Please note: If you are thinking of fostering, we want you to be aware of the financial impact of caring for a puppy. Food, crates, bedding, toys, treats are just a few of the things puppies need. They are also teething, and are not completely housebroken yet. Like anyone caring for a puppy, a foster care provider runs the risk of property damage. We are not trying to discourage people from adopting or fostering, we just want people to have realistic expectations. Puppies are wonderful, but they are also a lot of work!

If you are interested in becoming a foster care provider, please let us know. Our pre-application can be found here. Once you are approved to apply, you will be contacted to schedule a home check.