Adopting a Rehomed Dog

What is a rehoming?
A rehomed dog, is a dog that was adopted, and then put up for adoption a second time. The processes is referred to as a rehoming.

How do I adopt a dog that is being rehomed?
The adoption process for a rehomed dog is the same as the adoption process for a puppy. The first step is to fill out the pre-application form.

Can I see the dog before I decide?
If you would like to see a PRS dog that is up for adoption, you must first have started the adoption process, and have had your home check approved. We want to remind potential adopters that adoptions are not on a first come first served basis. If there are multiple applicants, we will do our best to find the best suitable home for the dog.

Why does PRS care who adopts a rehomed PRS dog?
PRS puppies were fostered in the homes of volunteers, and the cost of vaccinating, fostering, and transporting a PRS puppy was greatly subsidized by volunteers and donors. The reward for this was knowing that these abandoned puppies were adopted by loving families and forever homes. While it is extremely disappointing to find out that a PRS puppy is being rehomed, we still want to make sure that they find a loving home.

Why is there a €50 donation requirement? 
A lot of time and resources are needed to find and approve an eligible adopter for a rehomed a dog. Potential adopters must be found, and the home check process must be completed. Rehoming a dog takes much more time to arrange than a standard puppy adoption. The €50 donation requirement for a rehomed dog is significantly lower than the €300 donation requirement for a puppy; but remember that if the dog has not been spayed or neutered yet, the surgery must be done soon after adoption.

Can we adopt a PRS dog directly from the current owner?
No. The adoption contract the current owners signed during their adoption process, clearly states that they may not give or sell their dog to anyone else. This means that if they would like to rehome their dog, all potential adopters must also go through the same adoption process that they went through. The current owners may not approve or deny any adoption application. If you see of anyone trying to sell a PRS dog online, please take a screenshot, and send it to

What is the difference between a foster puppy and a rehomed dog?
A foster puppy has not been adopted yet, and has a €300 adoption donation requirement. A rehomed dog has been adopted. Since the original adopter has paid the adoption fee, and they are not able to transfer this cost to the new adopter, and the donation requirement is only €50.

Can a rehomed dog go into foster care?
Dog that are being rehomed are still in the care of their original adopters, or their friends. PRS provides foster care for puppies that have not yet been adopted, or emergency foster care to a PRS dog whose owners have been reported to the police for negligence or abuse.