Adoption Process in Germany

Requirements: It is our experience that the primary reason people surrender their puppies, is because they have young children and are not prepared for the amount of work involved having both a puppy and a baby. Because each need your full care and attention, we suggest and encourage that you reapply once your child is at least 1 year old. Please note: You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt. Pups that will become large adult dogs (over 15 kilos) can only be placed with adopters with a secure fenced yard.  If you do not meet these requirements,  you may still apply, but please understand that is harder to obtain approval for an adoption.  If you are not approved for adoption, and would still like to adopt,  we recommend that you try the local Facebook pet pages for non-PRS dogs that are being rehomed by the U.S. military.

Pre-Application: The first step for adoption is messaging Puppy Rescue in Spain to fill out a short questionnaire. Puppies are quite a bit of work, and we want to make sure our adopters qualify before continuing the application process. You can find this form here.

Home Check: Following your pre-application, you will be notified of your status. If you have been approved to apply for adoption, a home checker will arrange to meet you and any additional family members at your home to conduct an interview. More information on this process can be found here.

Choosing a puppy: Our available puppies are shared through our Facebook page  Please remember to “like” us on Facebook, so you can follow us on your feed. If you would like to meet a puppy in person prior to adoption, we recommend that you check out our puppies that are being fostered in Germany. If you are interested in adopting a particular size/gender of a puppy, and one is not available, please let us know. We might be able to put you on a waiting list.

Deposits: If you make a Paypal or bank donation for a puppy, that puppy will be reserved for you. The deposit is refundable up until the home check is complete. After the adoption is confirmed, it is nonrefundable. If you are not offered an adoption contract after your home visit, you will be refunded your deposit. Pups in foster care may not be reserved.

CO involvement: Pet abandonment in Germany by Americans is a large issue, and it affects the diplomatic relationship with the host nation. PRS has had a high number of rehoming’s by military personnel as well as civilian employees. Because of this, we have reached out to command, and have started involving COs in the adoption process. We now require the CO to witness and sign the adoption contract.

Adoption Contract: If you have been approved for adoption, you will be offered an adoption contract. This legally binding document lays out some of the basic responsibilities of pet ownership. In addition to agreeing to take your pet when you PCS/ETS, you will also need to agree to spay or neuter your puppy between the ages of 6 months to a year. If your new pup is older than a year, you must spay or neuter within 2 months of the adoption date.

Donation:  Puppy Rescue in Spain is a non-profit organization. The foster care of the puppies prior to travel is provided by volunteers, and the delivery drivers who transport the puppies from Spain to Germany are also volunteers. We do ask that adopter cover the cost of the health check, passport, microchip, vaccinations, and travel. A donation of €300 can be made to Puppy Rescue in Spain’s paypal account or by bank transfer. A €50 deposit is due after the pup has had its first health check and vaccinations, and the final payment of €250 is due at least 21 days before travel.

Travel: Transport runs from Spain to Germany once every 6-8 weeks. Pups travel with full EU passports. Transport is usually on a Thursday evening, arriving in Germany on Saturday morning. Pups are given water, food, and walked every 4 hours.  A driver and co driver will accompany your PRS pup on their journey.  There are several drop off points in Germany:

  • Kaiserslautern
  • Vilseck/Grafenwöhr/Eschenbach