Update: Puppy Rescue in Spain is currently only able to adopt within Spain. We still in operation, but we currently only have 2 foster homes within Spain. It is due to this decrease of foster home homes, that we have had to scale down considerably.

Please note: There are still many pups that need homes. While COVID-19 has impacted transport of rescue dogs within Europe, there are still rescue groups in operation during this time. If you are an American living in Germany, there are many pups being rehomed within Germany through Facebook local groups.

Bienvenido and Welcome!

Puppy Rescue is a registered charity located in Albox, Spain. Since 2005, more than 2000 puppies and dogs have been rescued, cared for, and rehomed with loving families. In 2008, we opened a charity shop in Albox, Spain in an effort to create a source of funding for more adequate and spacious locations to house our adult dogs, as the older dogs tend to struggle with finding forever homes. [Spanish Registered Charity 5087]

Mission Statement
Puppy Rescue in Spain aims to provide a safe and efficient means of caring for and rehoming abandoned, abused, and/or neglected puppies. Most of our puppies come from our area in Spain and we personally transport adopted pups to ensure their safety and the shortest transportation experience possible.

Our Aims

  • Puppy Rescue in Spain aims to rescue and care for puppies from our region that we have found to be in desperate need or at risk.
  • We aim to provide adequate food, shelter, love and socialization, and veterinary care to nurture healthy, happy puppies ready for rehoming.
  • We seek safe, loving forever homes for each and every puppy in our care.
  • Older puppies and dogs that cannot be rehomed locally are transported to a rehoming center in Holland.

Our Objectives

  • To provide foster care for all young puppies in the homes of our volunteers
  • To ensure all puppies have an adequate diet for healthy development
  • To socialize all puppies and provide basic training to smooth the transition for their new families
  • To give all puppies veterinary treatment as needed
  • To give all essential information to new owners regarding puppy immunizations
  • To educate and emphasize to all new owners the importance of spaying and neutering
  • To raise adequate funds through donations and fundraising to support out efforts and meet our objectives
  • To NEVER euthanize a puppy unless recommended by a veterinarian

Spay & Neuter Campaign
Puppy Rescue works with other charities to help rehome puppies and dogs in their care, including charities located in Spain and Holland. We vaccinate all puppies over 6-months-old, and we spay and neuter all puppies and dogs in our care that are over 6-months-old. This is done to protect the dogs and to prevent future puppies from homelessness. The problem can only improve when we work together to educate and support future pet owners about the need to spay and neuter.

Our efforts are supported primarily through volunteers and monetary donations. We also engage in fundraisers and receive a modest income through our charity shop in Albox. If you’d like to donate to Puppy Rescue and support our efforts, we welcome and appreciate your generosity.